I’m So Sick, But I Want To Work

Day 5: July 19th, 2012-Morning Journal

Right now I’m sitting on the bus sick. I have felt very nauseous all morning and my throat hurts as well. I have a small fever and I keep changing between hot and cold. I ate three bites of french toast this morning and then couldn’t eat anymore. I’m almost to the point of crying and I’m really annoyed. I hope I feel better later so I can work. I’ve never been more bored. Nidia came on the bus to take pictures with me and I didn’t know how to say I was sick in Spanish, so I just went along with it. I’m so thankful for a wonderful team though. One of the guys offered me some Advil and said he’d be praying for me. My roommate and I are both sick. It’s awful. So I guess I’ll just sit here in a hot bus full of bugs. Which surprisingly, bugs don’t bother me all that much anymore. All I want to do is work. This is killing me to just sit here. Ugh….

Nidia and I while I was sick


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