While in Uganda, I met a beautiful woman named Juliet. Now, Juliet had a sweet and miraculous story. She shared with me that a World Race team (http://worldrace.org/) had come through Uganda. While they were in Uganda for the month, Juliet and Joe (one of the World Race team members) slowly started to fall in love. How could this be that a beautiful Ugandan woman and a man all the way from the USA fall in love? Well obviously God had plans in store for them. As Joe left sadly, he promised Juliet they would be together again. As they have kept in contact since that month, they will be getting married hopefully next summer.

Well, this morning I had the privilege to talk to Juliet over Facebook. It always warms my heart to communicate with my dear friends back in Uganda. Here’s a little tidbit of our conversation:

Me: Will you be coming to the states anytime?
J: Yes Joe is processing my visa when am given visa then I will come
Me: Yay!! When will you be coming?
J: I do not know how long it will take to get it but I trust God that it will not delay. I want us to meet when I come.
*later in the conversation*
J: will you come to our wedding?
-the question that melted my heart and made my whole day!

I continued my conversation with Juliet this morning, and it was wonderful! It was such a blessing to meet Juliet and hear her story! So, would you please join me and praying that she will be granted a visa and it will not take to long? It’s all in God’s timing, but it’s time for Juliet and Joe to be reunited again…and I must say I am ready to see my dear, sweet friend again!


One thought on “Juliet

  1. Owlbedoingmusic says:

    Oh my actual gosh. This is adorable.

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