Day 4

Day 4: July 18th, 2012-Evening Journal

Most of the students on my team are at the pool right now. That’s right…our hotel in Guatemala has a pool! I just can’t bring myself to go swimming. I have put my feet in a couple of times, but swimming is different. It would just not feel like a mission trip to me if I went to the pool. I’d rather just journal and look at God’s beautiful creation. I can see the mountains that 46 sits on from my balcony!

Today might just be the easiest day of work so far. We finished an hour early, and they had nothing else for us to do. Nidia is coming home with me….well I wish! I love her! When she saw me today she ran up and gave me a hug! After lunch, we played a soccer game with all the kids. We went from just being workers to being friends! This is a great feeling. This opens up more chances to be able to share Christ’s love with this village. I wouldn’t trade these two weeks in my summer vacation for anything!

For breakfast I had a ham and cheese omelet and beans. Lunch was toast with peanut butter and jelly and fruit. For dinner we had spaghetti…and it was the best I’ve ever had! The hotel prepares really good meals for us! The staff here is really great too. they clean up the whole room. they organized all of our stuff as well. Why isn’t the hotel staff in America this great? In Guatemala you have to put the toilet paper in the trash can. I can never remember that! The poor staff has to fix all the toilets with toilet paper clogged in them.

Efrian, who booked our hotel and figured out where we were going to work, prayed for all of us in Spanish! It was really cool.  Efrian is such a great influence and great role model! He also called us Agents of Change. He said that he believes in our generation and that we will change the world.

Efrain and I

Nidia and I




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