the Weekly Current

1. Listening: random music-Chris Tomlin, One Direction, for King and Country, Owl City.

2. Eating: about to eat an egg salad sandwich.

3. Drinking: nothing, thanks to my cold medicine that I can’t drink after taking.

4. Wearing: new black and pink plaid pajama pants and a black tshirt.

5. Feeling: tired, and sick.

6. Weather: cold. 

7. Wanting: my birthday to come faster! (Wednesday!)

8. Needing: chapstick.

9. Thinking: this is probably boring to read. 

10. Enjoying: ceiling fans. they allow me to be cool enough to sleep at night. 



The Daily Life/Thoughts of Me…

1. Listening: the Hunger Games score music

2. Eating: nothing…but just ate manicotti for dinner

3. Drinking: Peach Punch

4. Wearing: jeans, navy blue quarter sleeve shirt, navy and white stripped scarf, chacos, silver hoops, and glasses

5. Feeling: stressed from school work.

6. Weather: freezing, rain ( has for 3 days), supposed to snow tomorrow

7. Wanting: to see my best friend! I get to Friday!

8. Needing: SLEEP! I’m exhausted.

9. Thinking: I need to finish Mockingjay so I’ll be done with the Hunger Games series.

10. Enjoying: Life. It’s awesome and I’m so blessed!


Top 4 Books of 2012

I’m not one to read a lot. So, in 2012 I challenged myself to read at least 20 books. That may not seem like a lot to you, but for me, that’s a TON! So I did it, I read 20 books! I came to realize that I enjoy reading. This past Christmas I got seven books…I was thrilled!

These are my favorite of the books I read in 2012:

1. Rescued by the Cross-Ken Freeman: “Ken Freeman grew up in a fatherless home with an alcoholic mother. Eventually, his nightmarish home life drove him to the streets. But now, during thirty years of full-time ministry, Ken continues to share his message of hope and has brought more than 300,000 people to Christ.” Ken has come and spoken at my church a lot! This is a great true life story about Christ rescuing him!

2. The Hunger Games-Suzanne Collins: We all know what the Hunger Games is about! I love the book, and love the movie as well! Suzanne Collins is a wonderful author, I couldn’t put the book down!

3. A Cup of Cold Water in His Name- Lorie Newman: Lorie is the mom to my best friend! Their family is such a blessing to know! Her book is about how to care for orphans, widows, or even your local neighbor. With 50 ideas on how to do this, she has provided a story behind each one! This is a quick and easy read!

4. Les Miserables-Victor Hugo: No, I did not choose to read this. It was an assignment for my English class, but it turned out to be an amazing book about love, compassion, and social injustice! The movie is great as well. I recommend it to all!

These are a few more of the ones I read:

  • Choosing to See-Mary Beth Chapman
  • A Stolen Life-Jaycee Dugard
  • Catching Fire-Suzanne Collins
  • Be the Change-Zach Hunter
  • Night-Elie Weisel