The Global Orphan Crisis

One Mississippi…two Mississippi. Another orphan in the world just died due to malnutrition. Did you know that there are approximately 153 million orphans in this world and every 2.2 seconds another child somewhere around the globe loses a parent? Well, it’s true. The global orphan crisis is not just sets of statistics, it’s real children with real pain, fear, and tears. So what does the orphan crisis actually look like?

The Orphan Crisis:
-The seven year old boy in Rwanda, alone and afraid, because both of his parents have passed away from aids.
-The hopeless ten year old girl in Thailand trapped in the world of sex slavery, manipulated and used, as countless and faceless men “take their turn” at her multiple times a day.
-The disabled little girl living in a special needs orphanage in Peru wondering if she’ll ever be wanted.
-The teenagers about to age out of the orphanage system with no money, job, family, or place to go.

These aren’t just stories to make you feel bad, but the sad and truthful lives of many children around the globe. Once children have become orphaned, the society around them will see them as hopeless wanderers on the street. Often, in Africa, orphaned boys will be taken and made child soldiers. Girls on the other and, will be taken into custody by soldiers and become their “pride” for the night…their sex slave. In Eastern Europe, 50% of orphans will die before their twentieth birthday. Of the other 50%, most will become involved in crimes, drugs, or prostitution sometime in their life.

It is sad to think that less than 1% of orphans will actually be adopted. By 2015, there is a predicted number of orphans raising from 153 million to almost 400 million. We can’t ignore this anymore. I’ve had the privilege to babysit many ex-orphans from all over the world. Some deaf, some physically disabled, and others perfectly healthy without a single thing wrong. They are all so full of joy! We need more loved kids and less fatherless children in this world!

As one of my favorite songs says, Something here is wrong, there are children without homes, but we just move along to take care of our own. To me, there is something wrong, and that is why I’ve decided to become a voice to the ones who can’t be heard.