Well, it has been practically a year since I’ve written a blog. Much has happened. Dnow. Pep Prom. My prom. Adam’s prom. Disneyworld. Got my license. Texas…twice. Toured colleges. And in that time, I realized time flies. I mean it never stops. I began to think. Think of how quickly time goes by. I’m about to start my last year of high school. I remember thinking as a freshman, “I’ll never be a senior. That is just too far away.” But, here I am about to be a senior. I’ve already had senior pictures taken, and yes, that included my cap and gown pictures…wut. I’m about to spend the last week of my summer getting my wisdom teeth out. And then my senior year starts. I realized, in exactly a month, I will be applying to my first choice college. And well, that kinda freaks me out. I don’t know, time is kinda scary. This last year flew by, and I expect the next one too also. And who knows, maybe I’ll actually right a blog here or there.


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