Meeting A Silver Olympic Medalist!

When I heard an Olympic runner would be coming to speak in the youth at church…I’m embarrassed to say, but I didn’t think much of it. I didn’t find it that exciting. Maybe because I didn’t watch much of the Olympics because the start of them I wasn’t even in this country. But, for whatever reason, I really didn’t care. Then I heard his story once, and I knew I would stay to hear it again!

Manteo Mitchell grew up in a Christian home, but didn’t really start following Christ until he was older! After turning to God and shining for him he decided to get in on some sports. Manteo Mitchell didn’t really get into running track until he was in high school. Mitchell ended up being an amazing athlete in the sport and went on to Western Carolina University to run on an athletic scholarship. Mitchell started to realize that he had a chance to make the US Olympic team! So, Manteo Mitchell was on his way to compete to make the team. Sadly, right at the end he was passed by two runners, causing him to fall in 5th place. He hadn’t made the top three, meaning he wasn’t guaranteed a spot on the team. Soon though, he found out he would be able to compete to make the Olympic team running the 4×400 relay. He made it! Manteo Mitchell was off to London to compete in the 2012 Olympics!!

Fast Forward to his race…

Manteo Mitchell was the first to run in the race out of his team. As he took off and ran his part, he broke his left fibula!!!! What?! How could he finish his leg of the race? With the grace of God, he did though!! The team ended up getting the silver medal in the event!

Manteo Mitchell understands without God, he wouldn’t have been able to finish that race! Today, along with training in the sport, he travels and inspires people with his saying, “Faith, Focus, Finish!”

Manteo Mitchell definitely inspired me!! I’m so glad he came!! After church, I was able to talk to him…and he signed my bible!!!

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Need A Good Laugh??

Ok, so this is pretty much pointless….but you should take 25 seconds to watch this! I highly recommend especially if you’re having a bad day 🙂

I laugh too much every time I see this!!!


My Top 3 Favorite Movie Genres

This is so hard…I don’t think I have 3 favorite genres, but I do have three I really like! 🙂

1. Chick Flicks…as I type this, I’m realizing chick flicks have no point. They are sad/depressing stories usually about some character, who doesn’t actually exist, dying…but I still love them! I always need a good movie to cry over! My favorites are all Nicholas Sparks movies, A Walk to Remember, The Lucky One, The Notebook..etc.

2. Disney!!! Yes, I’m a sucker for a good Disney movie! They are actually full of so many lessons you can learn. And besides that, who doesn’t love to sing along with princesses and evil villains??? Beauty and the Beast is by far my favorite!!

3. Action..yep, I can go from Chick Flicks and Disney films to an Action movie! I love the feeling of your heart race as you wonder what will happen to the next character. I love how in the Hunger Games you never know who will die next, well unless you’ve read the books like me. Or the action and fighting in Snow White and the Huntsmen. Yep…love it!

My Top 5 Favorite People

There are so many people I love in my life and I’m so thankful for! So, this is my top 5 and why…

1. God. I mean does this need much explaining? God is my refuge and my strength. He’s there whenever I need him, and he has a unending love for me that I don’t deserve.

2. My  Mom. I have an unusually close relationship with my mom…and this is an awesome thing! We’ve been with each other through thick and thin, and I can count on her for anything!

3. My Bestfriends. I have multiple best friends. They all love Jesus, which is needed if they’re going to keep me accountable. We can act stupid and laugh until we’ve peed ourselves, but they are always there when something serious arises as well.

4. My Student Ministry Staff at Church. Wow, I could go on all day about the student ministry staff at my church. They invest so much of their time and life into us students. They’ve helped me grow closer to God, and I’ll be forever thankful for that!

5. My Boyfriend. I have always been one to not care about having a boyfriend…that is until I met Adam. Adam is sweet, funny, kind, he loves Jesus, and I could go on and on! Getting one text from him can change my whole mood for the good. He is a prayer warrior and someone I can always count on!

So, this is a glimpse into the amazing people in my life!



Right Now…

Here we go again…

Listening: Busted Heart by For King and Country

Eating: Just ate Chicken and Dumpling Soup for dinner….yum!

Drinking: Ice Water!

Wearing: Jeans and my Guest Services shirt from church…oh and glasses, so I can see to write this post!

Feeling: tired, and cold.

Weather: it’s super windy and cold…I mean, it did snow yesterday!

Wanting: to Skype with a certain someone 🙂

Needing: to floss…

Thinking: there’s this guy that I really, REALLY like!!

Enjoying: sitting here and writing…except now I have to go clean, so I’m not enjoying that.


Missing One Country…But Knowing God’s Sending Me To Another

It all started when I took my English exam last semester. There was a story on the exam about Guatemala. Those few paragraphs started to bring back all the memories of my mission trip there this past summer.

I remembered the first time we pulled up to the Village of the 46, and feeling like an alien who had just stepped foot onto another planet. I remember the questioning stares we got. I remember the distinct (AWFUL) smell of the bathrooms in the 46. I remember the Skype call that wouldn’t work with my mom. I remember the emotional goodbyes I said to those people. I remember driving away for the last time and watching kids chase our bus.

But, then I remember the good. The kids I spent two weeks with and fell in love with. The beauty of Guatemala. The devotions I had with my friends. The new friends I made. The joy I saw on the faces of kids everyday when we came to work.

I started to remember everything I loved about this country. I started to question if it was the right thing to actually go to Uganda. I was wondering if I should be going back to Guatemala with all of my friends.

I looked to God. He became my rock. After praying and listening to God, he reminded me Uganda is where he wants me to spend my summer. I was reminded there was a reason I was accepted on the Uganda trip.

I may miss Guatemala, but I know at this point in my life, Uganda is where I’m supposed to be going.

The Weekly Current #4

“What am I doing now?”…you may ask….

1. Listening: Keep Changing The World by Mikeschair….I really love this song!!

2. Eating: Nothing, but I’m cooking dinner soon

3. Drinking: WATER!

4. Wearing: Jeans, Chacos, and my “Go Fish” t-shirt. Yes I was last week too. If your curious why I am still wearing it…ask me!

5. Feeling: a little under the weather still…

6. Weather: Dreary. Rained earlier. Not too hot, but not too cold.

7. Wanting: to go see the movie Safe Haven….like REALLY, REALLY bad! Did I mention I want to see Safe Haven?!

8. Needing: to understand Algebra 2 better…hardest class ever!!

9. Thinking: one of my friends should go with me to see Safe Haven!

10. Enjoying: many things right now! Lets just say I have awesome friends 🙂