Africa Is…

Well, I am back from Uganda. I spent one wonderful month there and wouldn’t have traded it for anything. Africa is so extraordinary, beautiful, and amazing. Africa is so many things!

Africa is eating potatoes at least once a day.

Africa is standing in the Nile River and getting yelled at by an African man.

Africa is failing majorly as you run the 150 meter sprint with a group of African women.

Africa is going four days without a shower.

Africa is eating noodles for breakfast.

Africa is not having a toilet, but a squatty.

Africa is cramming 20 people in a taxi that only has 12 seats.

Africa is drinking hot tea with every meal.

Africa is eating dinner by headlamp light.

Africa is wearing long skirts everyday.

Africa is having to squeegee the bathroom floor after every shower.

Africa is never having power or water.

Africa is breathing in dirt as you drive down the road.

Africa is sleeping on foam on the ground.

Africa is dancing in church.

Africa is hand washing clothes.

Africa is multitudes of ants.

Africa is driving on whichever side of the road you feel like.

Africa is waving to every kid you see.

Africa is loving chapati.

Africa is being called mzungu.

Africa is stained feet.

Africa is the Muslim call to prayer as your alarm clock.

Africa is crazy beautiful and I miss it so much. I had such a wonderful journey while I was there!



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