Uganda…Here I Come!!

It says in Matthew 20:28, The son of man came not to be served but to serve. Well, that’s exactly what I want with my life. I want to use my days to love on others and share the amazing love of Christ with them.

For the next month I’ll be living life in Uganda, Africa. I’m so excited!!! It doesn’t even feel real to me. It doesn’t feel that next week I’m leaving! To me, I’m in the mindset, I’ll believe it when I’m there. While I’m so ready, I’m about to take a huge leap from the comforts America has to offer, to the poverty of Uganda. I’m about to leave my family, friends, boyfriend, home, church, town, state, and nation. Dude. That’s crazy. I am so ready to go. Who am I kidding, I have so much excitement, the minuscule nerves I have are extremely outweighed by all the excitement! Ahhh! I’m going to Africa!! I’ve been longing to go there for so long!! It’s finally here!

Soooo…July 5th-August 2nd, I’ll be living a journey in Uganda!!! Please pray for safety, health, contentment, travels, and ease during the trip for myself and my team of 13 other high schoolers and two leaders! I’m about to love on the people of Uganda as Christ loved the church! AHHHH!

So, Uganda…HERE I COME!!


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