Meeting A Silver Olympic Medalist!

When I heard an Olympic runner would be coming to speak in the youth at church…I’m embarrassed to say, but I didn’t think much of it. I didn’t find it that exciting. Maybe because I didn’t watch much of the Olympics because the start of them I wasn’t even in this country. But, for whatever reason, I really didn’t care. Then I heard his story once, and I knew I would stay to hear it again!

Manteo Mitchell grew up in a Christian home, but didn’t really start following Christ until he was older! After turning to God and shining for him he decided to get in on some sports. Manteo Mitchell didn’t really get into running track until he was in high school. Mitchell ended up being an amazing athlete in the sport and went on to Western Carolina University to run on an athletic scholarship. Mitchell started to realize that he had a chance to make the US Olympic team! So, Manteo Mitchell was on his way to compete to make the team. Sadly, right at the end he was passed by two runners, causing him to fall in 5th place. He hadn’t made the top three, meaning he wasn’t guaranteed a spot on the team. Soon though, he found out he would be able to compete to make the Olympic team running the 4×400 relay. He made it! Manteo Mitchell was off to London to compete in the 2012 Olympics!!

Fast Forward to his race…

Manteo Mitchell was the first to run in the race out of his team. As he took off and ran his part, he broke his left fibula!!!! What?! How could he finish his leg of the race? With the grace of God, he did though!! The team ended up getting the silver medal in the event!

Manteo Mitchell understands without God, he wouldn’t have been able to finish that race! Today, along with training in the sport, he travels and inspires people with his saying, “Faith, Focus, Finish!”

Manteo Mitchell definitely inspired me!! I’m so glad he came!! After church, I was able to talk to him…and he signed my bible!!!

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