My Top 3 Favorite Movie Genres

This is so hard…I don’t think I have 3 favorite genres, but I do have three I really like! 🙂

1. Chick Flicks…as I type this, I’m realizing chick flicks have no point. They are sad/depressing stories usually about some character, who doesn’t actually exist, dying…but I still love them! I always need a good movie to cry over! My favorites are all Nicholas Sparks movies, A Walk to Remember, The Lucky One, The Notebook..etc.

2. Disney!!! Yes, I’m a sucker for a good Disney movie! They are actually full of so many lessons you can learn. And besides that, who doesn’t love to sing along with princesses and evil villains??? Beauty and the Beast is by far my favorite!!

3. Action..yep, I can go from Chick Flicks and Disney films to an Action movie! I love the feeling of your heart race as you wonder what will happen to the next character. I love how in the Hunger Games you never know who will die next, well unless you’ve read the books like me. Or the action and fighting in Snow White and the Huntsmen. Yep…love it!


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