The Weekly Current #4

“What am I doing now?”…you may ask….

1. Listening: Keep Changing The World by Mikeschair….I really love this song!!

2. Eating: Nothing, but I’m cooking dinner soon

3. Drinking: WATER!

4. Wearing: Jeans, Chacos, and my “Go Fish” t-shirt. Yes I was last week too. If your curious why I am still wearing it…ask me!

5. Feeling: a little under the weather still…

6. Weather: Dreary. Rained earlier. Not too hot, but not too cold.

7. Wanting: to go see the movie Safe Haven….like REALLY, REALLY bad! Did I mention I want to see Safe Haven?!

8. Needing: to understand Algebra 2 better…hardest class ever!!

9. Thinking: one of my friends should go with me to see Safe Haven!

10. Enjoying: many things right now! Lets just say I have awesome friends 🙂


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