But So Is God’s Power and Love…

“Evil is everywhere, but so is God’s power and love.” (Billy Graham)

I saw this quote on twitter the other day, and I found it really powerful. With the recent shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, this quote has made me think a lot about our world and society. 

Our world is messed up. Plain and simple. There is more poverty than wealth, violent cultures, starvation, persecution of Christians, bullying, and I could go on and on. I’ve found myself asking, “Why do I live in such a society?” That answer is simple. God has put me here at this time to be his hands and feet. It won’t be easy though. I’ve been bullied for being a Christian. Christians are martyred everyday all over the world. Yet, God expects me to love and serve his children. This is where that quote comes in. With all the evil in the world, you’d think we’d be stomped as Christians. But that’s what I love, that God’s love and power are so much stronger than all forces of evil. 

So I’m ready. Ready to do all for God. Ready to serve him. To be persecuted just as he was. I will face evil along the way, but I know God will always be here.  


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