I Knew I Met Him For A Reason

“God, I know You put us both on this team and you wanted us to meet for a reason…we might not know why, but there’s a reason. …”

During one of our group devos in Guatemala, they asked us to pray with someone we really didn’t know on our team. I automatically got up and walked over to Austin, whom I had never met before this trip. When it was my turn to pray, those were some of the words I said. At the time, I didn’t think it was a big deal that we were together on this team, but little did I know, he would become a huge “lifesaver” this school year.

Last year I rode the bus home in the afternoons. I was the last stop and it was not a good environment. My mom and I tried everything we could to find me another way of transportation home from school for this year. It was the day before school started and we were at orientation. At this point, I still could not find a ride home. While I was in line to get my school picture taken, someone came up to us, who happened to be from our church and it was my friend Sarah’s mom. She had heard I needed school transportation and said her son Austin had offered to do it. I soon remembered those words I prayed back in Guatemala. Austin and I had met for a reason. He lived close to me for a reason. This was such a good feeling knowing I wouldn’t have to ride the bus.

I’m very thankful for Austin and am so glad I met him in Guatemala!


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