Snow and Christmas Music…Is It Too Early??

Typically all my blogs have a meaning to them. This one doesn’t. So allow me to ramble on…

It all started with a cold day. Yesterday, it was, well, FREEZING! The winds got up to 40 mph. Then, it started to snow. Power was shutting off all over the city and roads were icing over. As a high schooler, this is the best thing ever! I mean, getting a day off of school for weather is awesome! As I lay snuggled in my bed I just knew I wouldn’t have school the next day.

5:15 am…why am I up so early?! Oh well, lets look outside. Nothing! ZILCH! There was not a single ounce of snow or ice. Great, I’m going to have to go to school today. So, I turn on the TV…and wait…wait…FINALLY…TWO HOUR DELAY! Well that’s something. Back to sleep I go.

I arrive at school at 9:35 am. (the thought of that time makes me happy) I walk in, and what do I hear? CHRISTMAS MUSIC. Who in their right mind would listen to Christmas music this time of year? Wait, I bet it’s Wilson! (Mr. Wilson is the band director) Of course, I was right. After listening to Michael Buble in the band room I was addicted. Christmas music is awesome!! Later that day in band we would play Sleigh Ride.

I get home from school, I get on pandora and create seven Christmas stations. I’m hooked now. Tis the Season! Is it too early for all this? Of course not! 🙂



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