And The Craze Isn’t Over..

I have a heart for missions. I have for a while. I love serving others while serving God. I had the privilege to do this in Guatemala for two weeks this past summer, but I don’t feel called to Guatemala. Now Uganda, that’s a different story. Uganda, that’s where my next journey leads me.

Uganda, Africa

With a population of over 33 million people, Uganda is one of the largest countries in Africa. Uganda is the home of the highest mountain range in Africa and the beautiful shores of Lake Victoria, but this beauty is only the shadow that hides a poverty stricken nation. Uganda has only had a constitution for 17 years and the country is very corrupt. Children don’t receive schooling because their families cannot afford it. Witchcraft and child sacrifices are practiced all over the nation. The people of Uganda need to feel the peace of Jesus Christ.

As I embark on this four week journey next July, I ask that you would come along side and pray with me!


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