Recap of the 25th

Day 11: July 25th, 2012

Today’s VBS went awesome. We did the story of Adam and Eve eating the fruit, and all of the kids gasped! One of the student pastors asked me to video and photograph VBS for him. I enjoyed doing that so much! Wilso called me his amigo again and asked me to take a picture with him and every student and adult.

When we were fixing the sidewalk with the leftover cement, we wrote “Jesus Te Ama ” in it. (which means Jesus loves you) At lunch I was able to give Nidia a meal we didn’t eat. It was so sad to watch as she ate it so quickly and ate every single crumb! For lunch we had chips and a hotdog. The hotdog was on a sub roll and it had mustard, mayo, and avocado. It was actually really good! We learned that the kids loved to throw rocks at us. Painful!

I hope we can get VBS planned quick tonight, because I’m really tired!




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