Day 9: Complete

Day 9: July 23rd, 2012

I can’t believe I have less than a week left in Guatemala! We went back to the 46 and our hotel today. I went to Nidia’s house and we played duck-duck-goose. I also played “hide and seek” with a little boy. Pretty much we just hid behind a pole and took turns tickling each other. These are the little things that make me smile.

When we returned to the hotel that evening we had a really good dinner. It was beef and gravy, rice, and gourd. The gourd was so good! We also planned day 1 of VBS and part of day 2. Tomorrow is day 1 and we are doing the creation story. We’re also going to play Simon Says but instead say Dios Creo (God Created). I’m looking forward to my last few days here and with this village!

Maria is in charge of the Village.

One of the Walls Surrounding the School

Continuing to work on the Wall’s Foundation

Drinking my Water Pouch. This is how a lot of drinks come in Guatemala.




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