Lazy Day

Day 7: July 21st, 2012-Journal

Today I got to sleep in! It felt amazing not to have to get up at 6:15 AM. We went to Antigua today. I had a great time! I bought six bracelets, a purse, coffee, a bookbag, and a headband. We ate lunch at Pollo Campero. That’s a pretty popular stop for us. Once we walked to the indoor market we didn’t have but 40 minutes to shop. After shopping we headed to Monoloco. (the restaurant we ate dinner at) I tried calling my mom on someone’s phone who had an international plan, but his phone went dead. I was upset. I tried to Skype with my mom earlier today and it wouldn’t connect. I get to try again tomorrow, and hopefully it will work! We also sang the song King Henry the VIII to Henry. It was really funny. I’ve definitely enjoyed my lazy day!

Lunch at Pollo Campero

On Our Walk to the Indoor Market


Waiting for our Dinner to Come

In front of the Awesome Building in Antigua





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