Day 6!

Day 6: July 20th, 2012-Journal

Today we did more layers of the foundation for the wall. At first I had a hard time catching the rocks because they were being thrown at me. I started to get the hang of it though. The cement from the buckets we were passing got all over me. I didn’t have gloves on because one of the kids took them. The cement really moisturizes your hands though!

We are on the bus headed back to the seminary for the weekend. We are going to Antigua tomorrow! We’ll be coming back to our hotel on Monday.

I really saw God’s creation for what it is…beautiful! We have such an awesome view. It’s unreal! I went to Nidia’s house today. Her mom is pregnant with her 10th child! We played duck-duck-goose with Nidia and her siblings. Their house is so poorly built. It is really sad!

Right now our bus driver is driving on the wrong side of the road. He always does this! This makes me so nervous!

View from the 46

Everyone on the Bus

One of Nidia’s brothers


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