Recap of the 17th

Day 3: July 17th, 2012-Evening Journal

We got back from the 46 about 30 minutes ago. We shot a couple of takes for a video at church.  It was super hot today, but we finished moving the small boulders and chiseling the remains of the old wall. We then had to move a HUGE pile of sand. We made an assembly line from the bottom of the hill to the top. This sand will be used for the cement we’ll make later. You can start to see the faces of the villagers light up when we’re there. They love to jump in the assembly line and help out. They are also becoming more comfortable around us. This week is about showing Christ through our actions and then we’ll be able to share him through our words next week.

I have fallen in love with a little girl named Nidia. She is nine years old. She has eight siblings and her mom is pregnant. She has very few outfits. Nidia doesn’t go to school because she has to care for her younger siblings and get water for her family everyday. She has taught me a little Spanish and I’ve taught her a little English. She likes to sit on the bus with us during lunch. We’ve started giving her our leftovers. She is pretty shy. She is beautiful. And she is a child of God.

The food here has been very delicious. For breakfast we had eggs with beans and plantains.  Lunch was sandwiches and chips. For dinner tonight we are supposed to have chicken. We work so hard that we’re always hungry. I’ve never had to work so hard. From the moment we step off the bus until we get back to the hotel we are working and sweating! I have blisters, cuts, bruises, scars, and I stink! But it’s all worth it!

I love my team and my leaders! We have such an awesome and fun group. They cheer you on throughout the day and compliment you as well. If you’re not able to do something, someone is always there to help. I’m learning so much about everyone and making lots of new friends! This is an amazing experience and I’m excited to share it with this team of people!

This is Nidia

My Work Team


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