First Day at the 46: Complete!

Day 2: July 16th, 2012….Night Time Journal

They don’t know what time is in Guatemala! I hate being ready and then I have to wait an hour to leave. We met our bus driver and our translators Mitch and Amanda today. At Pollo Campero I had a ham and cheese croissant. After breakfast we headed to the village The 46. This is where I’ll spend the next two weeks serving God. The village is filled with so many butterflies and flowers! It’s really pretty! They warned us that we might not get our bus up a steep hill, so we might have to walk. Mitch and Amanda also told us that they don’t bathe in the village, so it would stink. We’re 2.5 hours away from the other groups, which is cool I guess. When we arrived at 46 the first thing we needed to do was move boulders from the bottom of the hill to the top. We automatically made an assembly line. All of the kids at the school just stared at us. We were also called Gringos. I mean, we are the first white people they’ve ever seen! The kids were amazed that we knew a little bit of spanish. Soon they got closer to us and even joined in the assembly line. For our lunch break we ate in a classroom. We had chicken sandwiches and fruit. Papaya is definitely not a favorite! After lunch the guys chiseled at the old wall and the girls kept moving boulders. We moved about 2000 boulders today! One little girl tried to buy food from me at the end of the day. I felt so sad for her. We went to our hotel for the first time. It’s pretty nice! For dinner we had fruit, steak (don’t know what kind of meat it was though), vegetables, mashed potatoes, and homemade tortillas! For dessert we had really delicious plantains! We had two earthquakes today. One while we were working at 46 and the second we were on our balconies at the hotel. The second one was a 4.4 and destroyed some of the houses in the area. Our showers didn’t really work at the hotel today. The difference of air pressure from North Carolina to Guatemala made all my bottles explode! Today was an overall good day and I’m pumped for tomorrow!

A butterfly at 46.

One of the classrooms in the School

Our Hotel Room

Our Hotel





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