Would You Pray With Me?

One of the requirements to go to Guatemala was going on an in-country mission trip first. I was just as excited to go to Atlanta, GA as I am to go to Guatemala. But, Satan had some other plans for me. The day before I was supposed to leave I got very sick. The morning of the trip my mom had to make the phone call I was dreading….the phone call to church saying I couldn’t go to Atlanta. To make a long story short after a doctors visit and lots of prayer, I was able to go late.

Would you pray with me?

  • pray for the health of the students and the adult leaders going
  • pray for the 65 students, that their hearts would be prepared to represent Christ
  • pray for the leaders, that any decisions they may have to make will be wise
  • pray for safety as we travel to the Charlotte airport and some of us fly to Dallas, TX and some to Miami, FL. Pray for the flights from Dallas and Miami to Guatemala City
  • pray for in-country travel to the work sites
  • pray for the people and the school of Zone 46
  • pray for the people of Zone 18
  • pray for the families at the farm
  • pray for the parents of the students, that they will have comfort about their student’s safety
  • pray that God would shine through on the trip, this trip is for his glory

There is also a group of about 30 going to Kenya on Monday as well. Please pray for them too.

And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.

~Matthew 21:22


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